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20-Jan-2018 12:16

It would be quite easy for most people to have their problems discussed with a counselor as you do not have to worry about the other persons feelings, if you are speaking out all your problems to your friend or to your family member, then you should have to take into consideration bout the other persons feelings too.

You cannot feel free to talk to a relative as there are things to hide, if you talk all the things, then it would cause some family problems to raise.

So you cannot be yourself while telling something to your relative or so.

Emily Yoffe, aka Dear Prudence, is on weekly to chat live with readers. (Sign up here to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week. I'm also absolutely mortified about possibly discussing this with her.

I'm pretty sure she "takes care of herself" after we turn out the lights and she thinks I'm asleep.

They did not cover this in freshman orientation, so I'm counting on you for some insight.

You can get advice about this from a local doctor (GP) or even from the nearest family planning clinic.

First of all if you feel so much of pain, then it would be good to have it discussed with a doctor or to a nurse.

The counselor will first listen to all the things you tell him and then he will give you advice on all your problems.

because of what happened last time with the family member? Also it's just the ocd that's turning normal thoughts about your family into sexual ones.

Keep yourself occupied with many other activities like studying, reading, playing video games, and many other things.

I know what a massive mess this can put you in, i'm going through the same thing now with pocd, it sucks!

And when you say "the sexual thoughts" are they normal sexual thoughts, or is the idea of feeling sexual making you feel evil/ bad etc ? When your in the bath it's normal to have a bigger urge to masturbate. Now I am not even capable to do masturbation as it really pains. Can you please tell something to solve this problem? So you have become addicted to masturbation as it gives so much pleasure to you than anything else.