Poet dating site

16-Nov-2017 10:36

They’re expensive heels, but she’s wearing them with tight jeans. 7 p.m.: Normally get horny in Trader Joe’s because every female employee is a nerdy redhead (exactly my type), but today it is too crowded to concentrate. p.m.: Receive flirty e-mail from Most Recent Ex’s friend. Most Recent Ex kicked me out in November — one day she came back from the museum and told me it was over and that she wanted me out of the apartment in two weeks. But she still owes me money, and I’m afraid friend e-mail might be a trap so she can get mad and not pay me.If e-mail is genuine, will screw friend after I get my money. Would like to dress her up in twenties period costume and have quick rough anal sex with her in a stairwell with a lot of echo. Hump my pillow while thinking about big-haired teachers from the 9 a.m.: Succeed in waking up early and not masturbating, which is difficult because coffee makes me so horny.She was a student of mine two years ago, and we reconnected on Facebook around the time my Ex broke up with me. p.m.: See a woman in high heels crossing the street; jog up half a block so I can be walking right behind her.In the 1980s ‘poet’ was a prestigious job-description, and did wonders for your love life.

The way it works is, Ernie will make up a poem on the spot about everything that happens on Sesame Street.

Ernie surprises Gordon: "Curvy at the top and straight at the bottom / No other number but 2 has got 'em!