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26-Jul-2017 07:57

In the absence of these, we propose that their extinction was possibly the result of long-term demographic and genetic declines associated with an isolated island population.

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P.; only the French early modern human remains from Brassempouy, La Quina, and Les Rois are securely associated with Aurignacian assemblages, and they are all C years old (27, 28).

On the basis of current data, we find no evidence for significant environmental changes or the presence of modern humans in the region during that time.

Thus, we do not consider either of these factors to have contributed significantly to their extinction.

Here we report on uranium-series dating of a stegodon tusk recovered from the Ainaro Gravels of Timor.

The six dates obtained indicate the local presence of stegodons in Timor at or before 130 ka, significantly pre-dating the earliest evidence of humans on the island.

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